Some Downtown Bryan Businesses Closing For Texas Reds

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The Texas Reds Steak & Grape Festival kicks off this coming weekend with an expected boost to some of the Downtown Bryan businesses.

Friday is free, but Saturday it costs $5 to get in, and that has one pizza restaurant saying the festival doesn't bring in enough dough for the restaurant to open.

It turns out Mr. G's Pizzeria isn't the only business with that mindset.

It's easy to see and smell what line of business Giovanni Cerone is in.

The aroma of pizza has filled the air here at Mr. G's Pizzeria in Downtown Bryan for 17 years now.

But there'll be no dough dished out during Texas Reds.

"Last year for example when I accepted to be open we came in the afternoon I found two of the portable toilets in my main door. I said you are offending me or you are trying to make me mad.... And we pushed all the boxes up the street!," said Giovanni Cerone, Owner of Mr. G's Pizzeria.

While they had a fairly good night last year he says it's not worth staying open.

"20 eating and 80 using facility has not been fun absolutely," he said.

He even sent a fax to the City of Bryan worried about keeping people off his patio. He says it's been trashed during other events before.

Just across the street the Medical Center Pharmacy will also be closed.

A sign says it's due to the road closures and customers should call the city for questions.

It's a different experience just down the corner at Papa Perez Mexican Restaurant. Owner Michael Perez tells us sales were up 40 percent last year for Reds. He says communication has gotten better with the city too in recent years. He's also embraced the $5 fee on Saturdays.

"Brings people that want to come out and spend money, enjoy the festival and they come into the restaurants and enjoy everything downtown so I think it helped," said Michael Perez.

"I give off to my personnel, everybody will enjoy two days off," added Giovanni Cerone.

Cerone wishes no ill will towards Texas Reds but wishes they would move it further north and out of his front door.

Texas Reds is free on Friday with a $5 admission on Saturday for people 13 and up.

Free Parking and a shuttle will be available at Blinn College.

Parking at the new downtown garage by the courthouse will cost $5.