Some Republicans Willing to Approve Spending Bill w/o Health Care Delay

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WASHINGTON (AP) There are signs that Republican unity may be weakening, as the deadline for averting a government shutdown draws near.

For the first time since the showdown began more than a week ago, some Republican lawmakers are voicing dissent over the strategy that has been carried out at the insistence of members aligned with the tea party.

Republican congressman Charles Dent of Pennsylvania says he's willing to vote for stand-alone legislation that would keep the government running and that contains no provisions related to health care.

A spokesman for House Speaker John Boehner (BAY'-nur) says the leadership will discuss options with the rank-and-file at a closed door meeting later today.

Some House Republicans want their next volley to be a delay in requiring people to buy health insurance. According to Rep. Darrell Issa of California, some Republicans also want to require members of Congress and their aides to pay the entire cost of their health insurance. The government now pays three-fourths of their premiums

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said the Democratic-led chamber will reject the move. That would again put a temporary funding bill before the House, just hours before a potential shutdown.