Bryan Drivers Brave Wet, Slick Roads

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BRYAN, Texas - When 17-year-old Samantha Pate's truck broke down in a parking lot off Briarcrest near Highway 6 Wednesday, her father, Glenn, knew what he had to do.

"I really don't like working in the rain," said Pate.

Despite the afternoon downpour, Pate set out to work on his daughter's truck. The problem, a dead starter. A job that would have been much easier to tackle in dryer weather.

The rain also made for some difficult driving conditions around town. Bob Daily drove from Jewett to Bryan. He said road conditions made for a very tense trip.

"There was a lot of water in the road, and a lot of cars that went into the ditch," said Daily. "There were a lot of trucks on the side of the road, because the rain was just too heavy."

For those who chose to do battle with the slick, wet roads, there were many losers.

A jackknifed 18-wheeler along Highway 6 near Rock Prairie Road was a vivid reminder of how quickly driving conditions can become hazardous.

High water on Barak Street in Bryan caused at least one vehicle stall. The driver had to push his vehicle out of the water to safety while other cars drove by.

Some jobs don't care about a weather forecast. Mike Hodges spent most of his Wednesday making snack food deliveries to stores. For him, the job must get done, rain or shine.

"Every once in a while you get a little break like right now, and you hustle and do the best you can," said Hodges.

The weather even had an impact on many people lucky enough to stay indoors. Around 1:30, Bryan Texas Utilities reported 1,200 customers had lost power.