Somerville House Displays More Than 10,000 Christmas Lights

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SOMERVILLE, Texas As Christmas Eve is upon us there are plenty of places to see Christmas lights and some off the beaten path.

News 3 found a hidden treasure in Somerville that locals know all about.

The bright lights of Christmastime fill the frosty air on Rosa Lee Lane in Somerville.

More than 10,000 lights wrap around this house.

"You know Iit's kind of like Disneyland here in tiny Somerville. That's what we do it for," said resident Gary Otis.

For six years now Gary Otis and his partner Jim Kinser have made their house one of the must-see Christmas light spots in town.

"We try to add things each year. This year we've added the poinsettia around the trees. We probably have over 300 poinsettias so, its something we look forward to every year at Christmas," he said.

37 trees are lit and 17 reindeer to help Santa fly around.

"We put up the teeter totter and the little carousel and we have a penguin corner," said Otis.

It takes 10 days of hard work to get all these Christmas lights going. The couple says they do this for all the kids in the community.

"We get a lot of children coming by with their windows down and they just love the decorations and it makes your heart warm that you can do something for somebody else," said Gary Otis.

Christmas magic on the border of Burleson County.

The Christmas lights are on until 10 each night.

We have directions in the Google Maps section of this story.