Special Day for Guests of the PRCA Rodeo

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BRYAN - It's rodeo time in the Brazos Valley.

Aside from the Mutton Bustin' and petting zoo...today, there's something unique.

It's called the Cow Pokes Rodeo, the eighth annual special needs rodeo.

And the kids love it.

"Roping, fun stuff, all that," said Dillon, a participant.

Dillon and his friends got to enjoy horse rides, face painting, roping, and even chalk drawing on one of the painted horses in the Catalena fleet.

"It's fun for us to because we get to, they brighten our days," said Layne Lampley, a Catalena Cowgirl.

It was a day for everyone experiences they wouldn't normally have.

"I think it's really important because we get...we get a little bit of a different crowd come in here. So maybe people who wouldn't normally be around horses or livestock or anything," Lampley said.

The cowpokes rodeo offers a chance for children to see the rodeo, participate in dancing and enjoy lunch...all in a day that's designed for some very special kids.