Special Events Help Boost Local Economy

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College Station The population of Bryan-College Station temporarily plummets during summer. It means less traffic, but also less business for local hotels, retailers and restaurants. However, this summer the Bryan College Station Convention and Visitors Bureau has brought in several special events that will bring in thousands of people.

"Since it's summer, it's been a slow period for our community," said Holli Conley with the Bryan-College Station Convention & Visitors Bureau.

With Texas A&M and Blinn out for summer, Bryan-College Station Convention & Visitors Bureau says local business has decreased. So, they're working hard to bring visitors to town to give the economy a boost.

"I have just seen the visitors coming to town, the economy and the city grow tremendously," Conley said.

They are catering to every event they can to keep businesses going. An AAU weekend basketball tournament brought in roughly one million dollars to the community.

"The are dropping money here where as otherwise they may not have come if it wasn't for this tournament," Conley said.

Each event is bringing in thousands of guests into town and local hotels are getting ready.

"While things were slow over the memorial day weekend, things picked up again," said College Station Hilton Hotel general manager James Franks. He said the hotel is already halfway full with the return of the 4-H Roundup in town.

"If we didn't have events like the 4-H returning to the market, it would be much quieter around here for sure," Franks said.

The state roundup is bringing over 4,000 people to town for competitions on A&M's campus.

"It's really a win-win all the way around," the general manager said. "The more folks we manage to bring into town, the more everyone benefits as well."

As the premier agricultural leadership event of the year, the thousands of visitors are giving local businesses the financial cushion they need to get through the summer until school starts in the fall.

"We're off to a fantastic start and the rest of the year looks pretty good too," said Franks.

The 4-H Round up is going on until Friday, June 11.