St. Joseph Regional Health Center Introduces New Room Service Program

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BRYAN, TX - Patients and their families can now order room service at St. Joseph.

The new program is called “Dining In” and allows patients to choose from over 16 different lunch and dinner combinations, 11 sides, around 15 different desserts and a variety of breakfast choices.

All meals will be prepared fresh, on the spot.
Patients can call in orders from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Not only is the program a perk, we believe it benefits patients’ health:
• Patients eat better when they choose what and when they eat
• Patients can eat at their normal mealtimes, which will help keep medication on schedule when they get home
• Patients may schedule meals when they’re hungry or around tests and procedures, so food doesn’t arrive when they’re away
For family and friends who prefer not to leave a patient’s room, guest meals may be ordered.

Dining In was introduced last week on the Postpartum, Labor & Delivery and Oncology suites.

Over the next several months, all patient rooms will be phased in.

Patients may call Dining Services to order a snack or full meal.
Those who can’t call will be visited by dietary team members and clinical staff.

Even patients on diet restrictions may use Dining In; their meals will be prepared to their specific modifications.

“St. Joseph is continuously evaluating our services from a patient’s perspective,” said Kathy Krusie, CEO of St. Joseph Regional Health Center. “Dining In is part of our ongoing effort to provide patient-centered care and improve convenience.”