St. Joseph Express Clinic In CS Seeing Drop In Flu Cases

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COLLEGE STATION, Texas This flu outbreak is reaching epidemic proportions in most of the country including Texas.

At least 48 people have died from the flu in the Dallas area.

Meanwhile the St. Joseph Express Walk-In Clinic in College Station is seeing a drop in the number of people being treated for flu-like symptoms.

That's compared to recent spikes.

But healthcare workers there say people are still testing positive for the flu daily.

The most recently available figures from the Brazos County Health Department show the number of reported cases of Type A flu are down as of last week.

It's a trend that matches the state, but health experts warn flu season may not have peaked just yet.

They also say that many people have a misconception the flu shot will give you the flu.

"A lot of people are steered wrong that way. There's over a 178 viruses of the flu. Seven or nine of them seem to be causing the problem. The flu shot actually covers four of the big ones. So you actually protect yourself more when you get the flu shot," said Beth Hutzler, a Nurse Practitioner with the St. Joseph Express Clinic in College Station.

Although flu shots aren't 100 percent effective, health experts say they are your best chance at avoiding the flu.

New local flu numbers are expected to be released Tuesday.