St. Joseph Hospital Reports Two Cases of H1N1 Flu Virus

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BRYAN, Texas H1N1 Flu cases are on the rise in Texas with several deaths and now people are coming down with the illness in our area.

St. Joseph Hospital recently treated two people for H1N1 including one of their own employees who is a nurse practitioner in Navasota.

News 3 visited with the woman who is glad to be recovering at home.

The good news is Robin Walker went back to work Thursday after getting out of St. Joseph Hospital here in Bryan Christmas Eve.

She told us the five days she spent in the hospital are the worst she's ever felt.

Robin Walker is taking life a little easier these days still recovering from the H1N1 Flu strain.

"It was an acute onset of muscle aches and headaches and fever. The fever was the bad thing. The fever got yo to 103.7 and I couldn't break it no matter what, Tylenol, Ibuprofen. I couldn't get it below 102. It was really bad," said Walker.

The nurse practitioner believes she caught it from one of her patients at the St. Joseph Family Medicine Clinic in Navasota where she works.

She got a flu shot in September but still got sick.

Nine tests for the A and B Strains of flu came back negative before they discovered it was H1N1.

"Strep was negative everything else was negative," she explained.

St. Joseph Hospital and their ERs are treating upwards of 200 flu cases each week.

Dr. Alwyn Rodrigues say a flu shot is still the best bet.

He says 20 percent of the patients he's seeing at the St. Joseph ER in College Station have flu symptoms.

"The droplets are still infectious. If somebody sneezes on a counter and you walk by and brush your hand on the counter it can still be transmitted. So the recommendation is you wash your hands frequently and practice good hygiene. If you feel like you have an infection cover your mouth, said Dr. Rodrigues.

Robin Walker is continuing her recovery with breathing treatments each day and a steroid medication, but is bouncing back.

"It's still a little bit of the cough, the cough seems to be worse. And just getting my energy back Other than that it's 100 percent better," Walker said.

Luckily no one else in Robin Walker's family got sick.

But there are still a lot of patients being treated here and at other local hospitals for flu like symptoms.

All the more reason for everyone get a flu shot.

Scott & White Hospital in College Station along with the Brazos County Health Department will have a press conference Friday morning to talk about the rise in flu cases they are seeing in our area.

We'll be there and bring you the latest Friday here on News 3.