Whirlwind Weather Explained by State Climatologist

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It's the first widespread freeze of the season as a result of an arctic cold front, and the state climatologist says getting cold late in the year isn’t that abnormal.

Shorts and T-shirts were the attire this weekend, then it was rain boots, and now jackets and scarves. The whirlwind weather we saw and felt happened within 48 hours.

"Yep this is weird,” said Dr. John Nielsen-Gammon, a professor at Texas A&M University and the state climatologist.

He explained the reason behind the weather.

"In the winter time, our source of air is cold from the north or warm from the south. You never get an extended period of normal weather. It is either going to be warmer than normal or colder than normal,” said Dr. Nielsen-Gammon.

Much like the recent weather, there are different takes on the cold.

"Hot is too hot. This is comfortable,” said Rob Wytaske, a College Station resident from Minnesota.

"Cold is good for a while but I'm done,” said another resident.

"We complain when it is not cold enough, and then when it does get cold again, it only takes a few days until we start wishing it was warm again,” said Dr. Nielsen-Gammon. "It's going to be both cold and warm. But probably the tendency would be slightly warmer than normal on average."

We had to ask if Manziel Mania had the power to affect the current conditions.

Dr. Nielsen-Gammon said,” No he's just been hot."