State Investigating St. Joseph Eagle's Nest on Preston Ave.

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BRYAN St. Joseph Eagle's Nest on Preston Ave. in Bryan is under investigation after a caregiver allegedly used packing tape to restrain a toddler.

Parents of toddlers who go to the daycare tell News 3 they were notified by email that two teachers were fired after an incident last week. The note doesn't say what the incident was, but it encouraged parents to talk to administrators to get more information.

One parent chose to remain anonymous, but she tells News 3 she's shocked by what she learned.

Eagle's Nest Administrators told her an employee allegedly found tape stuck to a chair in the classroom then notified supervisors last week. Administrators told the parent they investigated and found more tape on a child's shoe. Once the incident was discovered, supervisors say they kept both caregivers out of the classroom until all the children were gone for the day.

One caregiver allegedly admitted to taping the toddler to a chair for safety reasons, and taping a child's shoe. The daycare also says the other teacher admitted to knowing about it.

Parents say kids in the class affected are 18 months to two years old.

A student at Texas A&M says she knows the caregiver who was fired for allegedly taping a toddler to a chair, because she used to work with her at the daycare.

"There was nothing I knew that was technically wrong, but it just felt wrong to me. She would put children in highchairs if they were crying too much. If they were grating on her nerves, she would put them there to not have to deal with them as much. I know there were a few different instances where she would call them retarded. Different things like that would just rub me the wrong way," said the student.

The student says she stopped working at St. Joseph Eagle's Nest on Preston in December, because of the uncomfortable working environment.

"Child Care Licensing is investigating St Joseph Eagle's Nest on Preston in Bryan," said the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) in a statement.

The state is specifically looking into whether caregivers at the day care acted appropriately towards the children.

The DFPS online data base shows St Joseph Eagle's Nest on Preston has received 35 citations over the past two years. The most severe violations include not ordering required background checks and FBI checks for several employees.

Administrators at St. Joseph Eagle's Nest declined to comment about the allegations or investigation.