Stephen F. Austin High Class of 1947 Reunites in Bryan

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The Briarcrest Country Club holds luncheons just about every day of the week.

But this one is a little different. It's a little more seasoned.

Over 70 members of the Stephen F. Austin High School Class of 1947 came together to celebrate 65 years of history after high school.

"I graduated with all these people," said Jim Baker with a look of amazement.

"Most of us have fond memories of that period," said Floyd Jones.

"It's wonderful to be able to roll our minds back 65 years to remember all the old days at SFA. The bad thing is we can't move our bodies back 65 years," joked Norman Francis.

Francis knows every name and every face from the class for a good reason.

"A lot of us started in the 1st grade together here in Bryan," said Francis.

"(We've) Been out of high school for 65 years which we think is awesome," said Ruth Friedell.

Friedell moved to Bryan a long time ago.

"About a hundred years ago," joked Friedell.

It may feel like it was that long ago with a lifetime of memories but that's made reliving the past that much more special.

"It's just a great day to see these people and hear these stories and be able to tell stories. Especially if you love history, there's history right here," said Jones.

There's compliments, reconnections, and reminiscing.

Conversations about family, friends, and apparently fishing trips.

"Actually most of it is lies," said Baker with a big laugh.

Breaking out the old yearbook and remembering how things used to be gives this group a reason to smile and a reason to look forward to their precious years ahead.

"We're just so grateful that God has let us live this long to enjoy one another," said Friedell.

With the amount of knowledge and life experiences in the room, it would be impudent to ask their advance. So to the Class of 2013, you're welcome.

"Do something that you love to do because if you're working at a job you love, you'll never work a day in your life," said Jones.

"Take in all the knowledge that you can acquire," said Francis.

"Think about what your future is going to be, choose your friends carefully, go to church, stay with God, and remember what you were taught as children," said Friedell.

"Go to college," said Baker.

"Study a lot harder than we did,' said one member of the class.

"Don't forget from where you came," said another.

This group certainly hasn't.

Now this isn't the final reunion for the SFA Class of 1947. Plans are already in the works for a 70th reunion in five years.