Still Creek Ranch Saves Kids, Gets Help from Christian Music

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BRYAN - When you drive onto Still Creek Ranch...signs greet you, reminding you to slow down. There's something precious here.

There's safety here that kids wouldn't otherwise have.

Still Creek is a sanctuary for victims of sex trafficking.

Stephanie Blanton has been here four years.

Her past is dark.

"I got abandoned by my family and started some habits I shouldn't have."

But thanks to Still Creek, there's hope.

"I can be myself, I can get close to people, and I get to ride horses and get an education. I'm going to go to Blinn College after this which I probably wouldn't have had that chance if I wasn't here."

For her friend Kayla...happiness.

"I smile more since I've been here. I used to never smile. So you have a reason to smile now. They've given me a reason to smile."

Still Creek can't do it alone, though. Enter Christian bands with a mission.

"it really makes it more vivid to me just being here and being able to just meet the kids and talk to them."

Several bands have teamed up to tour around Texas and beyond to raise awareness.

"it's really modern-day slavery"

And money.

"this is a real thing that's going on. This is a real problem in our country right now."

The tour is called "into the Night." Proceeds will help Still Creek's mission to rescue kids from the streets and put them in a stable environment.

Giving them what they didn't have.

"your past is behind you. Stop looking back, look forward."

Making them stronger.

"I was afraid of change. But don't be afraid because it can be a good thing. It was a good thing for me."