Stolen Computer Recovered After Craigslist Meet Up

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The power and popularity of laptops allows people to take their work with them wherever they go. So when a College Station man's was stolen, all of his hard work went with it.

Hannah Daffron is a stay at home mom. She became concerned when she discovered her husband's truck was broken into and his computer stolen.

It was after that break-in that her husband began to take matters into his own hands.

"He took it very personal they had intruded on him in his space, his stuff he's one of those people you don't mess with what's his unless you know he's gonna hunt it down," said Hannah Daffron.

The victim went online to Craigslist and found an HP laptop that he recognized as his own.

The victim set up a meeting with the Craigslist seller at a McDonald's and called police to retrieve his stolen laptop.

Sheriff Chris Kirk's Deputies made the arrest. Kirk says he's seen technology used more and more to move stolen property.

Daffron says she's glad that they found their property.

"Very happy to get it back because it felt like something had been accomplished something was being done about it," said Daffron.

But Kirk says it's often better to leave crime in the hands of the law.

"There is a considerable risk of harm when you confront somebody that's desperate. And I would not want to put anyone in that position," said Kirk.

Meanwhile the Daffron's say getting their laptop back makes if feel like Christmas came a few weeks early for them.