Storm Chasers Capture Lee County Tornado on Camera

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Two Texas storm chasers recorded a tornado in Lee County Saturday night. But chasing storms with Bob Pack and Colin Jenkins isn't always a success.

“We're very much like your fishing guides. We're going to take you to the best locations for the possibility of catching the biggest fish…but it doesn't mean you're going to, so it’s kind of a gamble,” said Bob Pack, a Somerville resident.

Pack says he's been studying meteorology since he was 13 years old, and he's chased storms across the country. It was just another gamble when he got in the car with Jenkins Saturday and headed towards Lee County.

“Something about the northwest of here was just telling me there's going to be some rotations and thunderstorms forming,” said Pack. “And low and behold, one did.”

A tornado touched down on County Road 408 in the town of Lexington.

“It formed just about a mile down the road right here in the pasture. One of the neighbors saw it form and then it came across took some of his trees out. It was just right in this little area,” said Darene Rexroat.

The Rexroat’s home was severely damaged by the tornado. They happened to be in College Station when the storm hit.

“Because we were spur of the moment, we didn't grab all our camera was shot on an iPad and just off this computer with this web cam. Just a little inexpensive web cam,” said Pack.

That little web cam captured the tornado from start to finish. In less than a minute, the tornado was over and the Rexroat family was left to pick up the pieces of their Lexington home.