Storm Clean-up Continues across Madison County

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It would only seem fitting Mother Nature would deliver her Christmas "presence" on Christmas Day.

"Around 9 o'clock I could hear the wind blowing really hard,” explained Madisonville resident Nicholas Hipps.

Locals on Texas and Main in Madisonville say “she” paid a quick visit…

"Five minutes later it [wind] all stopped,” added Hipps.

But it was just enough time to leave footprints in just about every nook and cranny on Highway 21 in Madisonville. Heavy winds uprooted trees; split many in half; and blocked roadways.

“We were all shocked because we didn't think it was that bad,” said Hipps.

Concerns of a possible tornado had Hipps taking a break from unwrapping presents to scope things out in the front yard.

“I was out there by the door and then when I opened it I could see this tree split and hit this car,” said Hipps.

Hipps’ next door neighbor's mustang has seen better days; and so has the rooftop of the Madisonville Funeral Home.

“The damage is obviously on the west end of the building here,” said Billy Walters, Madisonville Funeral Home owner.

Billy Walters never expected to be walking back down memory lane with Mother Nature so soon -- especially on Christmas Day -- but after she threw a temper-tantrum on the roof of the Madisonville Funeral Home, Mr. Walter's was back to square one.

"We had a storm come through here about three years ago and we had to put a whole new roof on it,” added Walters. “My friends called me yesterday and they told me the whole roof was gone which really shook me up and I came on down and I saw that most of my roof was still there.”

Most of the roof is still in-tact, but heavy winds ripped off a quarter of it and carried it roughly 40 yards away.

"It was just remarkable how it could rip it away from the building and blow it across the road over there,” added Walters. “The wind had to be blowing 30-40 miles an hour, maybe more than that and it about blew us off the roof.”

Although it appears snow staked claim on the rooftop -- Walters says -- that's not the case.

“You can see the insulation from the building scattered all over the parking lot and all over the roof,” Walters said. “It’s definitely not snow.”

A few extra hands, a blue tarp and some TLC provided a quick fix for an unexpected repair.

“It will get fixed and we're still in business so, we're grateful it didn't tear anything up worse than what it already is,” said Walters.

In the meantime -- crews continue to restore those without power --- and the city will continue doing their part to clean up the streets.

There are no reports of injuries and the Madisonville City manager says crews are continuing their efforts to clean up any hazardous debris blocking the roadways.