Storm Damage Cleanup

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In the aftermath of the storm's hit early Sunday, many people have been working hard to restore normalcy to their homes and businesses. Water damage is lingering in many neighborhoods, including the 1400 block of Tanglewood Drive where Betty Rosenbaum has lived for the past 38 years.

Rosenbaum said she had quite the surprise when she woke up Sunday morning.

"I just stepped onto the rug and I noticed it was squishy and wet and I thought I wonder what's broken in my house."

While nothing was broken, the storm had nearly flooded her home. A creek runs directly behind Rosenbaum's house, which brought water levels way above comfort levels.

Her two cats were also frightened and rather inconvenienced by Sunday's unexpected surprise.

"They don't like wet feet," said Rosenbaum.

After she arranged for her cats to move to a dryer place temporarily, Rosenbaum said her two grandchildren, both current Aggie students had come over Sunday to help her salvage her belongings. As for the water damage, Rosenbaum called Servpro.

“We got the call Sunday around one, saying there was some flood damage out here,” said Michael Summey, a Dallas based Servpro employee. Summey were one of many employees called from out of town to help assist with the homes flooded across the Brazos Valley.

"We're extracting the water, tearing the carpet out," said Summey. He said the main concern with water damage is mold. "If there’s mold, we’ll tear out; if there’s no mold, we’ll just rip out the carpet, replace equipment.”

News 3 watched Summey and his colleague go in Rosenbaum's home, removing water room by room, observing them cut the carpet out of some rooms. They were extra careful to make sure Rosenbaum's 100 year old bed passed down from various generations was still intact.

Some classes held in the Blocker building were postponed Monday.

"All the sunken down classrooms are completely wet and smell really moldy," said Keaton Hamm, TAMU graduate student who is currently in the process of obtaining his PhD in mathematics. Hamm's class was not affected, since it was on the sixth floor; however, he said most classes on the first floor were either moved elsewhere or cancelled.

Despite all the damage, Rosenbaum said she's still grateful for the rain.
"I mean when you pray for rain, you don't know exactly when it's going to come," she smiled.

Servpro employees from the Dallas area will continue their work throughout the Brazos Valley for the remainder of the week.