String of Barbershop Break-Ins Concerns Business Owners

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Police are investigating a string of Barbershop break-in's.
There have been four in Bryan/College Station just within the last month.

Jenn Amador, the manager of Northgate Barbershop was shocked to find evidence that someone had broken into their shop.

Jenn says the suspects got away with 900 dollars in cash but didn't take anything else...

She says, "I think it would be hard for them to take the equipment from here because of Northgate, there are people out on the decks back there."

Even though, the suspects didn't take much, she says a hit like this really hurts their business.

Sonny's Barbershop in Bryan was broken into and more than five thousand dollars worth of equipment was stolen three weeks ago

Sonny says they came in through the back door and stole Tv's, equipment and the air compressors and most of the stuff we work with."

He believes these guys came in with a mission in mind because he says they knew what to take, they knew what clippers to take, what blades to take, so they knew what they wanted.

The Bryan barbershop owner lost a week of business due to the investigation, and while he has been able to replace the equipment, he says the loss is more about than just money.

Sonny says, "it just hurts knowing someone broke into your place and ransacked it."

Sonny and Jenn want to warn other business owners to take extra precautions until police can put a stop to these break-ins.