Strong Winds Cause Severe Damage in Madisonville

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Strong winds caused a lot of damage in Madisonville Christmas day, including downed wires and poles, plus damage from tree limbs.

Several Madisonville streets had to be closed due to the storm damage.

Lana Plunkett, a Madisonville resident, was planning to have 30 family members at her house for Christmas. She said she had to change her plans because the power was out for several hours.

“I heard a thud. We went outside...had difficulty getting outside because the wind was so strong. We went around to the end of the house…a tree had fallen on our house,” said Plunkett. “I think we had a little twister probably. I don't think it was just wind.”

Tree limbs were down all over Madisonville Tuesday afternoon.

John Johnson says he saw a tree fall in his back yard, but he wasn't prepared for what he found out front.

“I heard what sounded like, not the roar of a tornado, but a lot of gust and wind,” said Johnson. “My daughter got up and ran out here and said, "Daddy, it got my car."”

Johnson’s daughter’s car was trapped by a fallen tree on North Texas Street.

The heavy winds also got the roof of the Madisonville Funeral Home.

Even though the storm damage was unexpected, many residents’ attitudes remained unscathed.

“It did not spoil our day. We still had a wonderful day,” said Plunkett.