Student Bonfire Postponed Due To Wet Weather

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ROBERTSON COUNTY, Texas The rainy weather has also caused some big problems for Aggie bonfire workers.

The off-campus Student Bonfire will not burn as scheduled Tuesday because the burn site has morphed into a muddy mess.

News 3 was there when the crew made the call to postpone, and discovered how the workers had that sinking feeling it wasn't going to work.

Aggies are up to their truck axles and feet in mud.

The logs are set and the 45 foot high bonfire is ready, but the weather once again is proving to be a problem for this year's Student Bonfire.

Jacob Svrcek is a Texas A&M Senior and helped build it.

"We were trying to get ready for all this weather that was coming and you win some, you lose some. It rained more than we were expecting," said Svrcek.

Rain all weekend caused several workers' vehicles and a tractor to get stuck in the mud.

And volunteers have been trying to repair some of the washed out road with piles of donated dirt.

"We've got some people trying to put it in the puddles right now trying to get it worked out," said Svrcek.

The weather hasn't been helpful for off campus bonfire here in recent years. In 2010 and 2011 the blaze was postponed because it was so dry, Robertson County Commissioners wouldn't lift the burn ban.

"I don't know if ironic is the word," said Dion McInnis.

McInnis is on the Board of Directors for Student Bonfire and says the blaze will still burn.

"We're grateful to the people who really wanted to try and make this work and we look forward to working with them to salvage it from here," he said.

"It's unfortunate it couldn't happen exactly on time,but we're ready to see it burn," said Jacob Svrcek.

Now this stack complete with a Missouri Tiger and an Austin City Limit sign that says, "Columbia" will have to wait to burn on a date still being determined.

Organizers say the stack could burn as early as Friday if things dry out fast.

But it's more likely it will burn before the Aggies head to a bowl game.

The event will be open to the public.

And we'll let you know when a date has been set.

For more information on parking and costs, see the Student Bonfire website in our related links section.

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An off campus tradition is being postponed due to wet weather.

Dion McInnis, a member of the Student Bonfire Board of Directors tells News 3 that Student Bonfire is being postponed from its scheduled burn on Tuesday.

The continuing rain has made for very muddy conditions at the site on Old Hearne Road and several vehicles belonging to workers have gotten stuck and part of the dirt road in has washed out.

The Student Bonfire group says they may light the stack Friday if things dry out, but believe they may have to wait to have the bonfire lit when the Aggies head to a Bowl Game.

News 3's Clay Falls was out at the site this afternoon and will have a full report Monday at 6 P.M.