Student Sports Pass Tickets Sell Out For Aggie Football Season

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Season football tickets to see the Aggies play sold out in March for the fastest time ever and now student football-only sports passes have run out too.

The switch to the Southeastern Conference may have a little something to do with setting new records on football ticket sales.

We are just a week away from a new start for Aggie Football and time has already run out for students wanting tickets to every home football game, as Texas A&M Freshman Ryan Spain just found out.

"I didn't know they could sell out but I guess they can so I guess I'll just be going with individual tickets," said Spain.

This year 128 more sports pass seats were set aside for students; the biggest allotment of any college with 30,284 seats set aside.

The sellout also happened last year, just not as fast.

Ryan Spain hopes to get guest tickets with his classmates.

"I guess just find the tickets I can afford, games I can afford, 'cause I have no job right now so limited money," said Spain.

While some students are surprised about the sellout others are wondering why it didn't happen sooner.

"I was a little disappointed because I figured they'd sell out quicker," said Justin Sereno, a Sports Information Grad Student.

Sereno reserved his tickets two months ago with all of the SEC buzz.

"I'm most excited about Florida 'cause it's the first one that is home in the SEC and I think it's going to get pretty rowdy," said Sereno.

Senior Associate Athletics Director Jeff Schmahl says students still have options.

"On Fridays the students will still pull tickets for each game. Whatever student tickets are not pulled on Friday mornings they will go on sale to the rest of the student body," said Schmahl.

While Justin Sereno offers this advice to fellow Aggies.

"Next time be quicker," he said.

While season tickets are gone a limited number of three game packages for the Florida, South Carolina State and Missouri game remain on sale to students.

This year the all-sports option for A&M students costs $350.

That includes access to all regular home events including not only football while the football-only option for students is $225.

In 2007 the football-only option cost around $187.50 while an all-sports pass was $295 back then.