Students Carry On Bonfire Tradition Off-Campus

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A lot of students have taken up the embers of tradition and focused it in on an off-campus bonfire that is not sanctioned by the University.

"As Aggies, we felt that it needed to go on. If not to just have everybody get together and build it, but also do it for those who have passed," said Mike Welch, a senior at Texas A&M.

More than 800 students have been working for months to keep the beloved Aggie tradition alive this year. This is the 10th year students have built the bonfire off-campus. Now, they build in Robertson County, about 15 miles north of campus.

In a lot of ways, the tradition is the same as always, but some things have changed.

Students now do 100% of the heavy lifting when it comes to financing and building the bonfire. Standing at 32 feet tall, the off-campus bonfire is also smaller. However, organizers say that's because their priority is safety.

Now, the bonfire burns before the last regular game of every season, and it's about more than a football rivalry.

"It's about the undying flame of love that every Aggie carries in his heart for the school," said Dion McInnis, a member of the Student Bonfire Board of Directors.

The bonfire will burn Tuesday, November 26th, just after dark. Organizers recommend people carpool and get there early.