Students May Also Pay for Kyle Field Renovation Project

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Visitors to the twin cities aren't the only ones paying for the Kyle Field renovation project; Texas A&M students may also help foot the bill.

Officials say College Station, Bryan, Brazos County, and Texas A&M will all pitch in to pay for the $425 million project.

“As great as the stadium is, it’s starting to get old and can definitely use a make-over,” said Texas A&M junior Michael Stanley.

“We're a lot bigger, we're going to have big games, a lot of people wanted to go to the games last year,” said Brittany Bowling, a Texas A&M student. “I can definitely see why they would want to do something like that.”

A&M officials have suggested three options to student council leaders regarding student contributions to the project:

-The first option includes a $48 flat fee per semester, $24 flat fee per summer semester
-The second is a $3.75 fee per credit hour.
-The third is a $232 increase in student sports pass prices (8 games/$29 increase per game)

A&M officials say they are still in the exploratory phase, and they may decide to move forward with more than one of the options.

“The price increase isn't ideal, but I understand it costs a lot for a giant facility like that,” said Texas A&M student Eric Busche. “So somebody's got to foot that bill.”

The entire Texas A&M student body will get a chance to vote for which options they prefer during the next student election in February.
“I think it’s going to be hard for students to afford it,” said Margaretta Adrienne, a Texas A&M senior.

“For something that I know we'd all enjoy and enjoy it for decades to come, I can see that being a reasonable cost,” said Texas A&M senior Brittany Bowling.

Many students agree that renovating Kyle field will be worth the added fees in the end, but A&M officials will eventually make the final decision.