Students at St. Michael's Episcopal School Celebrate Spring

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It's a celebration to help shake off the cobwebs of winter.

Students from the St. Michael's Episcopal School in Bryan sprung into spring with a dedication to a garden that had some serious roots.

5th grader Joy Patranella helped with the project.

"At my old school, only the Pre-K kids did gardening so it's a big thing," said Patranella.

Teaching the kids about nutrition is just one of the goals of the garden.

"When children start gardening then they're more interested in eating the crops that they're planting. We're looking for the overall heath of the child," said Jenny Morris the head of school for St. Michael's Episcopal.

"We got to harvest some of the cabbage and the lettuce and some carrots so a lot of things," said Patranella.

But getting outside and getting their hands dirty seemed to be what these junior gardeners truly enjoyed.

"Usually at school we have to stay clean and nice and neat and keep our uniforms from getting all dirty. But at recess to come over and get dirty and get down in the dirt, it's just awesome because I love dirt," said Patranella with a big smile.

The event was wrapped up with the release of hundreds of butterflies to symbolize the Easter season and new beginnings. It also has taken these children's confidence and imagination to new heights.

"Butterflies are meaningful, particularly to children and it gives us that tremendous sense of something greater than ourselves so that's special to us too," said Morris.

"I never thought that I would be able to accomplish this because all I've been able to do is plant little seeds and that's it. But now that I realize I've done this! That's crazy to me, just wow," said Patranella.

The Texas AgriLife Extension office helped out with the garden project and even presented several students junior master gardner certificates.