Sumlin Receives WWE Heavyweight Championship Belt

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Thousands of fans flocked to Reed Arena to watch their favorite WWE Champions face each other in the wrestling ring. But people who went to the event Sunday got a little more than they expected. Texas A&M football coach Kevin Sumlin became an honorary heavyweight champion.

“We watch it on TV all the time. Been watching it since I was a little kid,” said John French.

Needless to say, French isn't alone.

“It's the only sport I love,” said Will Dowling.

Dowling's mother, Cheryl Dowling, surprised him with WWE tickets hours before the show. She says Will was diagnosed with epilepsy when he was 11 months old. He can't play sports, so he watches.

“We've tried football, but just stuck. So that's what we do as a family. We watch wrestling,” said Cheryl Dowling.

However, Aggieland's WWE fans got to see a special match featuring Coach Kevin Sumlin Sunday. Now, Sumlin has more than a winning football season under his belt, he also has a Heavyweight Championship Belt.

“Coach Sumlin has been outstanding for Aggieland,” said French.

A spokesman for WWE says Coach Sumlin is a wrestling fan, so they wanted to honor him for the great work he's done during his first year with A&M.