Suspect in Bryan Double Murder, Arson Case Pleads Not Guilty

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BRYAN - The suspect accused in a double murder and arson case in Bryan has entered a plea of not guilty.

Attorney Billy Carter waived his client's right to appear in court today. Instead Dennis Brown appeared via teleconference from jail while his attorney entered "not guilty" pleas on all four charges.

Brown, 34, is accused of stabbing Noel Devin and her father, Mac to death at her home in Bryan April. Police say Brown poured some type of fuel in the home on Vinewood Drive and set it on fire. Brown was released from jail- four days earlier- after serving a 15 year sentence for aggravated robbery. According to Carter, it's standard procedure to plead "not guilty" in cases such as this. He says it's just the first step in the process. The state has the burden of proof to prove what they are alleging.

"The law allows us to plead not guilty and we're presumed innocent and we're standing by that presumption," Carter says. "I can't comment on the evidence they have yet because I haven't seen all of it."

The next step is that Judge Smith will sign what's called a "Discovery order." That means the state will provide all the evidence they have for the attorneys to review. That should happen within the next 30 days.