Suspect in Bryan Fire Where Bodies Were Found Denied Parole Five Times

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BRYAN - The suspect charged with setting the fire at a Bryan home where two bodies were found had been released from prison Friday. We now know he was denied early release on five occasions.

During his 15-year prison sentence, Dennis Wayne Brown III sat before the parole board five times. Each time, they decided not to release him early.

Brown currently faces arson, burglary and unauthorized use of a vehicle charges related to Monday morning's fire on Vinewood Drive. The bodies of Noel Devin, 32, and her father Thomas "Mac" Devin, 63, were found inside.

Investigators believe Brown set the fires that burned down the home of Noel Devin and stole her clothing, jewelry and SUV. "Mac" Devin had gone to the home to return Noel's dog, according to "Mac's" wife, who said they'd been keeping the pet while Noel was out of town.

With a mandated $100 from the state in his pocket, Brown was released from the Estelle Unit in Huntsville last Friday, according to the TDCJ, this after serving a full 15-year sentence following an April 1999 robbery of a Bryan convenience store. He had been arrested multiple times in Brazos County from October 1998 up to the aggravated robbery arrest where he took $43 worth of cigarettes and coins while showing a knife.

Brown went before a parole board for the first time in November 2006, but was denied because of what TDCJ categorizes as "Nature of Offense" and "History of Assaultive Offenses."

In 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2013, TDCJ says Brown went back for a parole review, only for the board to deny him each time. "Criminal History" and "Institutional Adjustment" were among the other reasons given for the denials.