Suspects Abandon $35,000 in Stolen Property During High Speed Chase

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Investigators are giving us an up-close look tonight at a high speed pursuit that happened in Madison County Monday morning, and a minor crash that followed.

A sheriff's deputy was injured in that crash and investigators are now searching for three suspects accused of stealing a trailer to haul thousands of dollars in stolen property.

Just after 3 a.m. Monday morning: “Two deputies met a truck that was going to be a routine traffic stop because the trailer of the truck it was pulling didn't have any working tail lights,” said Madison County Sheriff’s Investigator Larry Shiver.

According to sheriff's deputies patrolling the northwest side of Madison County, the suspect behind the wheel of a dark maroon Chevrolet pick-up truck had plans of his own.

Dash-cam footage gives a closer look into the high speed pursuit down FM 1372, FM 39 and down Lone Star Road. A Deputy loses control of his patrol car and crashes into a tree; he suffers minor injuries. The suspect continues driving, but he then loses control at a curve on Lone Star Road.

“He hit a fence, but then kept on driving about a quarter mile more down the road and abandoned his trailer that was carrying more than $35,000 of stolen property,” said Shiver. “We also found out the trailer was stolen too.”

The property has since been recovered, and now the owner of the stolen property is personally offering a $10,000 cash reward to track down the thieves.

Some residents say the impact of the crash woke them up Monday morning.

"I was sleeping when it happened, but wife woke up after it made a loud thud noise," said resident Ronney Lyons.

In the meantime, residents living along Lone Star Road say they are left with an overwhelming sense of insecurity.

“That was one of the conversations that me and my wife had and thank God they didn't swerve the other way and come into the house,” said Lyons.

Nicole Morten: “It hit a little too close to home?”
Lyons: “Too close. “

Authorities believe the incident is connected to a string of thefts in Madison, Grimes, Robertson and Waller Counties. If you have any information you are asked to call the Madison County Sheriff’s Office at: (936) 348-2755. Tips that lead to the arrest will be rewarded with $10,000.