Suspects Steal 10k Cash & Narcotics from Jewett Pharmacy

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Thieves burglarize a Leon County pharmacy in the middle of the night and get away with at least $10,000 cash, and narcotics. Now authorities are hoping surveillance footage from the crime will lead to an arrest.

It's the third time in 15 years...

“The first time they came through the front door by crashing their truck through; the second time they came through the back doors,” explained owner Homer Merriman.

As if the first time wasn't enough -- Holmes Pharmacy owner Homer Merriman says he's had enough of crooks targeting his business in Jewett.

“And this time we had bars on everything, alarms on everything, it’s just so frustrating,” Merriman explained.

Everything was covered --- except for the roof.

According to investigators, the suspects had a well-orchestrated plan. It’s believed the thieves climbed a tower attached to the back of the pharmacy to gain access to the roof. Once on top of the roof Investigators Victor Smith said the suspects cut a hole in the roof and subsequently climbed inside.

“It just flat makes you mad more than anything,” Merriman said.

It’s believed sometime between 6 p.m. Wednesday and 2 a.m. Thursday – the suspects ransacked the place.

“It's what I call a surgical extraction,” said Merriman. “They knew exactly what they wanted and that's all they messed with.”

The thieves took more than a thousand pills, two pistols and 10,000 dollars cash.

“This medicine that is one of the most popular in the whole state of Texas; it's called Hydrocodone and they took two bottles filled with 500pills; it's definitely one of their favorites.

Although the suspects were able to get away -- investigators are now reviewing surveillance footage that's believed to have key evidence on the crooks.

The Jewett Police Department along with the Leon County Sheriff's Office urging anyone with information to call authorities.