TAMU Rudder's Rangers to Raise Money for Wounded Vets Saturday

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COLLEGE STATION – Rudder’s Rangers, a special unit in the Texas A&M University Corps of Cadets, plans a special physical fitness demonstration at Veteran’s Memorial Park on Saturday (April 20) to raise awareness of and enlist aid for the Wounded Warrior Project.

The event will also include opportunities for students to participate.

Rudder’s Rangers, an organization that has been at Texas A&M for approximately 50 years, is designed to educate and ready students for Army Ranger School. Christopher Kostoff, senior international studies major and commanding officer of Rudder’s Rangers, said the unit’s members learn military tactics and physical fitness.

For that reason, the Rangers have chosen to demonstrate their fitness by holding the Rangers Gauntlet CrossFit games. The group has used different events over the past 10 years to help wounded veterans, including building a house, conducting 5k runs and other activities.

This time they have chosen the workout program adopted by the military that has a variety of exercises that simultaneously involve muscular and cardiovascular endurance.

The event also is open to students of all athletic backgrounds, with exercises tailored to males and females. Students will have the option of participating in either the ‘elite’ or ‘scale’ CrossFit exercises.

“The elite class is for people who have been doing CrossFit for a while,” said Tyler Valentine, senior construction science major and public relations officer for Rudder’s Rangers. “The scale class will be similar to elite but scaled down. For example the first elite exercise is to squat 225 pounds. However, the scale class will just use the 60 pound dumbbell.”

The members of the unit agree that, because they are a military organization, it makes sense to sponsor a project that can give back to those veterans wounded in the service of their country.

Lee Alexander, senior international studies major and member of Rudder’s Rangers, said he believes it is the least they can do to show their gratitude and support.