TCEQ Discussing Proposed Private Landfill in Brazos County

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The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality is continuing to look at a proposed landfill in west Brazos County.

A public meeting is being held Wednesday morning in Austin at the commission's headquarters.

Brazos Valley Recycling wants to turn a hole on their property along F-M 60 and Stewarts Meadow into a landfill for construction related-waste.

The pile could eventually be as high as 11 stories and would look like a grass covered hill.

In July more than 50 people attended a public hearing in Bryan on the proposal.

Many nearby residents oppose the plan while others aren't as concerned because the site would not be filled with household garbage, or anything that would smell.

TCEQ has forwarded the case to the State Office of Administrative Hearings for review.

It's still unknown whether a permit will be issued or not.