TXDot Urges Drivers to Stay off Roads as Icy Weather Moves in

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BRAZOS COUNTY - TX-DOT officials are urging drivers who don't have anywhere to go tonight to stay off the road. The Brazos Valley saw some dangerous conditions back at the beginning of December - and we could see a repeat if those who do drive are unprepared.

The wintry mix that hit the roads in early December had many unprepared drivers skidding and sliding across the roads -- causing pileups and major accidents across the Brazos Valley.

It was a good preparation for us,” explained Bob Colwell of TXDot.

Because of our usually warmer climate, a lot of drivers in Texas just don't know how to drive on icy streets and highways. Colwell says they'll have crews on standby Thursday evening and Friday morning.

“We have our trucks ready with our de-icing material on them and we have our magnesium chloride and our grade 5 rock in our trucks,” said Colwell.

In fact, TXDot had crews preparing 24 hours in advance just in case the icy weather hit early on. TXDot says if you do have to travel, be cautious of black ice on over-passes and bridges.

“If you were to start to skid, get off your accelerator and get off your brakes and drive into the skid until you can get control of your car,” said Colwell.

Of course if you don't have to be anywhere, TXDot is urging drivers to stay home.