TXDot Urging Driver Safety as Freezing Temperatures Move In

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Nearly a hundred drivers and passengers were affected after their vehicles slid across icy and dangerous roads in the Brazos Valley over the weekend. TXDOT officials say Saturday's freezing temperatures coupled with driver unpreparedness is what caused many of the accidents.

“It was pretty much a busy night for everybody,” said Bryan Fire Department Lieutenant Jon Strickland.

It's something that caught many people by surprise: black Ice settling on top of bridges highways and roadways across the Brazos Valley -- which made for dangerous driving conditions across the area. Emergency responders were inundated.

"Saturday night between five and midnight we responded to eight different motor vehicle accidents that involved multiple vehicles,” said Strickland.

Meanwhile it was one wreck after the other along the highway 6 stretch from Bryan to Navasota.

“I was driving very cautiously actually because the roads are very slick, and I started sliding on the overpass and I lost control of the vehicle,” said San Antonio resident Diana Wilkins.

There was even an eight car pile-up near Nantucket that affected 24 people.

“Walker County was the only one that did not have icy conditions on our bridges and overpasses,” said TXDot Public Information Officer Bob Colwell.

Eight TXDoT trucks were out and about Saturday night de-icing the roadways as cars were sliding in just about every direction.

“We had crews working around the clock checking those and sanding them and putting the de-icing stone and Magnesium Chloride,” said Colwell.

Whether or not the forecast mirrors Saturday evening’s dangerous driving conditions, TXDoT officials are urging all drivers to stay off the road.

“If they do have to travel during icy conditions, we ask them to be especially careful on bridges, overpasses, ramps and shaded areas because those areas will be the first to freeze,” said Colwell.

TXDoT is urging drivers in Robertson County to be aware of possible ice near the Campbell’s Creek Bridge and the Highway 6 overpass as drivers enter Hearne. There was an 18 vehicle pile-up in Washington County Saturday night, and 12 out of 39 people were transferred to hospitals for treatment.