Record Number of Tailgaters Set Up Tent City on A&M Campus

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COLLEGE STATION Hundreds of people lined up around Spence Park at Texas A&M University to stake their tailgating territory. Some even waited for hours.

"We've been here all night long," said A&M students waiting to set up their tailgate. These people will stop at nothing to claim their tailgating spot, but to these Aggie fans, tailgating is a not only a passion, but has turned into a sport; especially with A&M playing number one Alabama.

"It's pretty chaotic," said Texas A&M former student Lauren Dillon "People get territorial too if they don't get their spot."

She said she has been tailgating in the same spot at Spence Park for five years.

"There's usually not this many people, but this is a really big game so a lot of people are out here," Dillon said.

Within minutes of opening, Spence Park turned into a tent city, but not all tailgaters decided to stake their ground there. Some turned to a professional tailgating company so they wouldn't have to do any of the hard work and could simply enjoy the game.

"You know I like how we provide different tailgating atmospheres on campus," said Neil Peltier, the assistant director of A&M Tailgating Operations.

He said this is the second year the school has partnered with Tailgate Guys to set up a luxury tailgating environment. "The addition of tailgate guys really allows us the complement the other environments we developed and create something and gives everyone an opportunity at Texas A&M," Peltier said.

He said the amount of tents already set up has surpassed his expectations and knows this weekend will be one for the record books.

"We've seen Aggies from all over the state and nation, the folks from Alabama are here; it's going to be a record crowd on Saturday," Peltier said. "This is by far a record crowd for us."