'Talk Nerdy to Me' - Fantasy, Sci-Fi Fans Unite at AggieCon 45

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COLLEGE STATION - The 45th annual student-run convention for science-fiction and fantasy lovers is going on now at the Hilton Hotel in College Station.

Student group Cepheid Variable describes itself as the "all around nerd club at A&M".

It holds the convention each year - and bills it as the oldest such event in the country. It's common for attendees to dress up as their favorite character of common shows, books, or film series, and some visitors did so with enthusiasm.

Event planners held a number of different types of workshops on topics such as costume and makeup creation, board- and video- games, and panel discussions on a wide range of issues.

In addition to the fun, organizers say a recent accident prompted a humanitarian goal as well. Four members of the student group were involved in a car crash, and to give back, members organized a blood drive with a goal of 30 pints of blood to be collected. Late Saturday they were nearly two-thirds of the way to their goal.

The musical guest of honor this year is celtic-style parody musician Marc Gunn.

Saturday a showing of the infamous Rocky Horror Picture Show will air at midnight. Pre-show activites start at 11pm. The convention lasts through 4pm Sunday - tickets are available at the door.

For more information and a schedule of events, visit the link to the convention site attached to this story.