Tax Free Weekend Helps Families Save Money

It's One of the biggest shopping weekends of the summer. The tax free weekend kicked off Friday and runs til Sunday.

A financial benefit for parents and students save money on back to school items.

Tax free items include paper, pencils, back packs, plus other supplies used in the classroom. As well as apparel and shoes under $100 are also tax free til Sunday.

Parents and teachers alike are hitting the stores in search of the best deals and taking advantage of the savings.

Janet Breese, a mom of five says it pays off to shop while it's tax free.

"It can be expensive, it adds up and I do my best to shop wisely, so every little bit helps," says Breese.

Teachers are also looking to save, many scanning the isles for good deals on classroom supplies.

"Taking the tax off is a big aspect of it, it helps a lot when your using your own money to pay for school supplies," says teacher Jennifer Letz.

Academy's store manager Mary Beth Marshall says the tax free weekend is one of their busier weekends of the year.

Marshall says they make sure they are fully staffed for this weekend because they know families on a budget are looking to take advantage of the tax free benefits and summer sales.