Tax Free Weekend: What is Not Tax Free?

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Texans are expected to save roughly 62-million dollars in state and local sales taxes over the next couple of days. School supplies and clothing may be on the list for this tax free weekend, other similar items on your list aren't exempt.

School is just around the corner and shoppers are already cashing in on tax free bargains.

"Oh it saves everybody quite a bit of money and you don't think that 8.25 on $100 is much, but in economic times, it's a lot," said Plato's Closet owner John Fedora.

While tax free weekend is a time many shoppers anticipate, re-sale shop owner John Fedora says he looks forward to this weekend just as much.

"This is one of the biggest weekends of the year," said Fedora.

The law exempts most clothing and footwear priced under $100 from taxes, which could save shoppers about 8 dollars on every $100 they spend--But not everything makes the tax free list. For example, necessities like t-shirts, jeans, socks, backpacks or pencils make the cut. A baseball cap does too, however, a football helmet does not. Tennis shoes make the tax free list while other shoes like cleats do not. Work boots make the tax free list and so do baseball or football jerseys, but football pants do not. And here's one loophole --while a belt is tax free, if the belt doesn't come with a buckle the consumer is taxed on the price of the buckle. Other items that are not tax free include: accessories like elastic ponytail holders, jewelry, purses wallets, watches, sunglasses, shoe laces, goggles, or head bands.

In the end, Fedora says a it's win win for consumers as they gear up for a new year. Tax free weekend began today and ends on Sunday.
To view a complete list of what is tax free and what is not, click on the link below.