Teacher Finds $20,000, Returns Cash to Bank

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COLLEGE STATION What would you do if you found $20,000 in cash on the side of the road - take the money and run, or try to return it?

That's what a College Station woman had to decide for herself after she found a bag of hundred dollar bills on William D. Fitch Parkway Tuesday morning.

"The only thing going through my head was whoever lost this money is having a very bad morning and I can't imagine being responsible for losing that amount of money," said Candace Scott.

What Scott did next wouldn't be easy for many people: she brought the bag of cash to the closest Chase Bank, which was one a block away. She says she handed the bag over to the bank manager.

"[The manager] said, 'That's our ATM money. We just had a courier service come and get that'," said Scott.

Scott recently moved back to town from the Panhandle, where she was a middle school teacher. She says she teaches her students to be honest people...and Tuesday, her own morals were put to the test.

"I found something that didn't belong to me...and I wanted to return it to the person it belonged to," said Scott.

Scott may not have a classroom in College Station yet, but she's already leading by example.

Chase Bank rewarded Scott with a $500 gift card.

"We are very grateful to Ms. Scott for stepping up, doing the right thing and returning the bag dropped by our courier service. It is that neighborly spirit that makes College Station a great place to live," said Chase Bank in a statement sent to News 3.