Teacher suspended for allegedly breaking student's arm while breaking up fight

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HOUSTON -- A teacher has been suspended with pay and his student is nursing broken bones after an incident in a classroom.

It happened on Thursday at the Koinonia Community Learning Academy in the 3200 block of Hadley Street.

Avery Bass, 11, said he and a female classmate were fighting over notebooks and desks. She reported the incident to the teacher and that’s when Avery said he was confronted.

“He picked me up by my neck and was choking me,” Bass said. “Then he slammed me on the desk and I landed on my arm.”

Nita Newsome, Bass’ mother, said no one from the school called her. She found out when her son got off the bus complaining about his arm.

“I'm like, Oh my God, why is your arm hurting,’” Newsome said.

They filed a police report and rushed the 5th grader to the hospital.

“His wrist is fractured and he has a bone cracked up in a part of his arm,” Newsome said.

She called the school and demanded answers.

“Why didn't you contact and let me know that something happened to my son,” Newsome said.

No one from KCLA would talk about the incident on camera.

The school released a statement saying in part that a student was allegedly pushed by the teacher while breaking up a fight. The statement goes on to say that the teacher has been suspended with pay until the investigation is complete.

“I want something to be done about it besides him just leaving his job with pay,” Newsome said.

She wants the teacher charged with a crime.