Tech Tuesday: Protecting Your Phone While You're Outside

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Labor Day weekend is coming up and for some it’s a last chance to get to the beach, lake or just a time to relax by the pool. We have some tips that work for this weekend and the rest of the year for keeping most phones and tablets safe from the sun, heat, water and dust.

Seek the shade. Did you check the temperature? If you’re seeing triple digits – forget putting your beloved device on an exposed, sunny lounge chair. Direct, intense sunlight can wear down your battery and cause temporary loss of the screen display. Instead, seek an umbrella or any shade to stash away your device while enjoying the sunshine. Or buy a cover.

Don’t stack. Allow for your devices to air out. That means don’t stack your smartphone on your tablet on top of your laptop. Don’t be ashamed – we’ve all done this before. It’s important to give your devices some breathing room – inside and especially outside. Leaving them stacked in the sun is only going to conduct some serious heat and cause your battery to burn out.
Keep it clean. The beach is sandy, sun tan lotion is greasy – and the deep end of the pool is just flat out dangerous. An innocent belly flop could lead to a splash capable of drenching your device in chlorine. Our advice to you is to find use the Samsung Galaxy S5 Active or get a waterproof case (examples below) that will keep the dirt and grime off your phone.

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