Teen Arrested for DWI After Running From Fiery Crash

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COLLEGE STATION – Police arrested a College Station teenager on DWI charges after they say he wrecked his dad’s Jeep and then ran from the fiery wreckage.

About 4:15 a.m. Saturday, police responded to an accident at Southwood Drive and Angelina Circle. A Jeep was upside down and on fire. Police say the jeep hit a tree, causing it to overturn. The 911 caller reported seeing a thin, white male, wearing a dark blue shirt, run from the vehicle to the Doux Chene Apartments.

Officers ran the Jeep’s plate and found the owner lived at the Doux Chene Apartments. Kelly Miller, who matched the description of the man seen running from the scene, answered the door. He told police that his dad owned the jeep.

Miller’s dad woke up and came to the door. He said the keys to the Jeep should be hanging on a hook by the door. But when he went to look, the keys were gone.

The man said his son had been drinking and regularly smokes marijuana.

Miller denied being involved in an accident and said the Jeep should be in the parking lot.

When police started to conduct a field sobriety test, Miller said “I’m already drunk dog.” The officer asked why he would say that and Miller replied, “shut the f*** up dog. Take me to jail.” According to police, Miller then said he had 7 shots of whiskey and knows he should not have been driving. Miller also confessed to smoking marijuana earlier that night.

Miller was arrested for Driving While Intoxicated and Accident Causing Damage to Property.