Teen 'Twerking' During Gas Station Mob Scene Speaks Out

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It's a video that went viral in a matter of hours. A crowd of teens caught on camera ambushing the Chevron Food Mart in Bryan at U.S. Highway 21 and William J. Bryan Parkway. Dozens of teens are accused of stealing anything they could get their hands on. But Breannia Brown, who was caught on camera twerking, says she had nothing to do with the crime.

“We had just left the party at Club Nice and the party was over and so there was supposed to be a fight but we went to the store and there was a crowd, everyone was dancing,” Brown said.

Brown says she and her friends walked to the Food Mart after hanging out at Club Nice Saturday for Teen night. Surveillance footage captures the crowd gathered in the parking lot. But the events that unfolded quickly after are what captured the attention of the world -- and police.

"They know right from wrong, but they still did what they did,” Brown said.

In the video you can see the gas station clerk, Terry Polsgrove trying to keep the teens from stealing and walking out the door. But he was overpowered.

"I was just like ‘dang!’ I don’t know, I just didn't think they would do something like that,” Brown said.

As soon as the teens make it out the door -- they flee, some were even running across the highway -- others hopping into vehicles.

“I was just twerking, I wasn't stealing anything," Brown explained.

Brown says she is innocent, however, now she says she'll be a little more careful about the crowds she chooses to hang with.

"I would like people to stop stereotyping me,” Brown said. "Despite of what you see, it is what it is. I was twerking, not stealing.”

At least $200 in items were stolen from the store and the gas station owners say some of the teens vandalized the bathrooms which cost more than $300 to fix.

No arrests have been made as of yet, however some teens could be charged with vandalism, theft and possibly assault.