Teenager Arrested after Allegedly Stealing a Car

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Bryan Police assisted a Texas Ranger and DPS in arresting three suspects who allegedly stole a Toyota Corolla from Burleson County.

Around 8:15 Friday night...Bryan Police were alerted that a stolen vehicle was traveling southbound on Wildflower drive
towards Briarcrest Avenue.

Police pulled in behind the 2013 Toyota Corolla at a gas station at the three thousand block of Briarcrest Avenue, and asked the three suspects to step out of the car with their hands up.

Authorities say that's when the driver of the car, 18 year old Michael Bradley began refusing to do as told and after finally getting out, he began yelling at the officers--

That's when Two DPS troopers showed up to help Bryan Police arrest Bradley and the other two passengers, who's names have not been released.

Bradley was charged with unathorized use of a vehicle, no drivers license, no insurance and disorderly conduct.

There was a warrant out for his arrest for injury to a child, No bond has been set, police say he will stay in jail and serve time for his crimes.