Teens Charged with Aggravated Robbery in Bryan

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BRYAN Police say three teens beat and robbed a 19-year-old, who was sitting in his car at the Z Islander Apartments in Bryan early Sunday morning.

"The suspects did threaten him with a fire arm and they wanted any valuables they could get," said Kelley McKethan, Bryan Police Department.

The victim wasn't carrying cash, so the suspects took his cell phone, according to police reports.

"While we were investigating that offense that had occurred at Z Islander, we got another call about another robbery," said Officer McKethan.

This robbery occurred at the Reveille Ranch Apartments next door.

Greg Whatman says his roommate was asleep on the couch, when he woke up to find three men wearing hoodies in their first floor apartment. A fourth suspect was reportedly at the front door.

"Someone came down the hall, pointed a gun at him, told him to get on the ground, then they left," said Whatman.

The robbers reportedly got away with phones, wallets, laptops, and other electronics.

Police say they tracked the suspects down within half an hour. They were at the apartment complex just across the fence.

Two 16 year olds, 17-year-old Shikelyn Phillips, and 17-year-old Alvin Adams were arrested at the Saddlewood Apartment Complex.

Investigators say they found stolen electronics in the suspects' car, as well as burned, stolen ID'S in one of the suspect's bath tubs.

Some of the stolen items have been returned. Investigators say the rest is being held as evidence.

"I mean I'm glad they got caught so it doesn't happen to anyone else," said Whatman.

The four teens are being held at the Brazos County Jail. Each has been charged with two counts of aggravated robbery.