Temple Vet Comes To The Rescue After Woman Finds Cat Shot With Arrow

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TEMPLE (October 3, 2012)—A cat that survived for at least three days without food and water after someone shot an arrow through its nose was recovering Wednesday, thanks to a Temple woman and the veterinarian to whom she went for help.

The arrow entered the cat’s right nostril, went through the roof of its mouth, knocked out a fang, split the tongue and left a hole in the animal’s throat, neck and side, said Temple veterinarian Dr. Keith Gudgel.

Salon worker Christine Schiller found the cat in the parking lot when she arrived Tuesday morning for work at Styles and Files at 2215 Airport Rd.

"It took me a few moments to realize what it was...it was an arrow in its mouth," Schiller said.

She walked to the nearby Temple Veterinary Hospital of Western Hills at 2312 West Adams Ave. and moments later returned with Gudgel.

They found the cat stuck between some brushes, removed it and took it to the Gudgel’s clinic.

"In my 22 years as a vet, I've never seen anything this dramatic," said Gudgel, a 1968 Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine graduate and Army veteran who’s practiced at Western Hills for more than two decades.

Gudgel removed the arrow and treated the wounds, from which the cat is expected to recover.

"God's got other plans for this kitty,” he said.

The cat, which has been nicknamed “Arrow Kitty,” was resting Wednesday night after undergoing additional surgery.

The cat’s story captured the hearts of local animal lovers, some of whom have stopped buy to visit, make donations and add their names to the list of those who’d like to adopt "Arrow Kitty."