Texas A&M Employee Caught Passing Stolen Gas to Friend

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A Texas A&M University employee is facing charges of theft after being caught stealing gas for a friend.

62-year-old Ernesto Gonzales allegedly stole $400 in gasoline from the Texas A&M University Department of Electrical Distribution over the last month.

On March 3, Texas A&M University Police say they received an anonymous tip that said a university truck was seen at a car wash in Bryan, passing off cans of gasoline.

Investigators staked out the car wash at Finfeather and Yeagua on March 13th. They saw red GMC truck pull into one of the bays and wait. Moments later, Gonzales pulled into the lot in a Texas A&M University truck.

According to the arrest report, Officers moved in and questioned Gonzales and the driver of the other truck. Gonzales told University police that he would fill 3 five gallon gas cans a week and take them to his friend at a car wash off Finfeather. Gonzales had access to the gasoline because he was responsible for taking filling up all the generators on campus.