Texas A&M Equine Initiative Groundbreaking

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Texas A&M is building a new multi-million dollar Equine Complex.
Construction will begin next week with an education and outreach center, facilities for the Equestrian Team and the Parsons Mounted Cavalry.

Phase I will cost $35 million dollars, which was sponsored by supporters and in-kind donations.

Two cannons were fired today to celebrate the ground breaking which marks a new chapter in Texas A&M history.

"This center will be a major center of equine research, care, and outreach. It is an excellent example of one of the things we do best at Texas A&M: work together across academic disciplines. Non-academic units are involved as well to make the center truly one-of-a-kind," said R. Bowen Loftin, Texas A&M President.

School officials were excited about the collaboration of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, and Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences.

Jim Heird, Executive Professor of the Texas A&M Equine Initiative has high expectations for the facility.

"It will bring more students, it will bring people here, for example the 2014 Youth World Cup is going to be held here, but it's going to bring the horse people of the world to college station and give us tremendous visibility over the world," said Heird.

The Thomas G. Hildebrand Equine Complex is expected to be
completed by January 2014 with a total cost of $ 80 million dollars.