A&M Fish Camp Director Responds to Controversial Photos at Bonfire Memorial

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College Station, TX Questionable pictures of Texas A&M Fish Camp counselors at the Bonfire Memorial have the organization on damage control.

A university official and Fish Camp's Head Director are talking about what happened.

News 3 spoke with them Friday afternoon and learned why the students involved will also be apologizing.

Texas A&M Fish Camp Counselors took pictures of themselves acting silly, and even provocatively at the Bonfire Memorial.

That's the site where 12 Aggies died following the collapse in 1999.

"This isn't something that Fish Camp condones or recommends," said Max Cadena, who is the Fish Camp Head Director and also a senior at A&M.

Cadena says they're working on getting in contact with all students involved.

"I understand where people are coming from, where these emotions are coming from and I you know definitely feel those same emotions. But I also have to look to my organization in making sure that I uphold it to the best ability that I can," said Cadena.

The photos are believed to have been taken this past weekend when counselors were in town for a work day.

Rusty Thompson is the Director of Student Activities and says Fish Camp officials will be handling the response and possible punishment.

They've not decided yet if the counselors will be stopped from participating in the freshmen orientation camp.

"I'm not able to speak for the students on as to why they selected that location. I know now looking back on it the students regret their decision to take the pictures there," said Thompson.

Will Hendrick and Brynn Hammond are former students and said an apology should be enough as they walked around the Bonfire Memorial site.

"I think that's the best you can do. You can't take away the mistakes you've made, you just kind of say you are sorry and you go from there," said Hendrick of College Station.

"I think it's adequate. I mean as long as they recognize what they did and apologize, like that's what makes A&M who they are," said Brynn Hammond of College Station.

We're told the counselors involved will be writing apologies to the family members of the fallen.

More than 6,500 freshmen have signed up for Fish Camp with the first session starting July 30th.

Fish Camp has 984 counselors this year and it is tradition to take pictures around campus prior to the camp.