Texas A&M Football Tickets Now Most Expensive In The SEC For Resale Market

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COLLEGE STATION, Texas The price of a ticket to a Texas A&M Football Game is one of the most expensive in college football.

A survey out now shows prices have climbed since last year.

So much so, that you'll pay more in the secondary ticket market to watch the Aggies play compared to any other team in the Southeastern Conference.

News 3 looked at how to some fans, the games have become too expensive.

The much anticipated season for the Aggie Football Team is just a week away but some fans are feeling the price pinch.

Texas A&M Football tickets on the resale market have continued to climb with the average price for an Alabama - Texas A&M ticket going for $730.24 as Bama is number 1 in the AP preseason poll, and A&M is 7.

Eric Coker coaches middle school football and is a lifelong College Station resident.

He says the higher prices are something he can't afford.

"I would just love to be able to take my family, but it's gotten to the point now you can't even afford to take you and your spouse," said Coker.

According to ticket broker TiqIQ, Notre Dame has the most expensive tickets on the resale market at $294.

Georgia is 8th at $188 and LSU 7th at $181.

Texas is 14th with an average price of $150.

Texas A&M is 5th at an average price of $204.

"That's one of the I guess disadvantages of moving to a superior conference, also playing great football and also having one of the best players in the country and last year's the best player in the country. You are going to price out some people," said Chris Matcovich, VP of Data and Communications for TiqIQ.

There are also lots of expectations even from the littlest of fans including 8-year-old Grayson Coker, who's a Johnny Football fan.

"I think they'll win the national championship and they might beat Alabama," said Grayson Coker.

"We'll try to go to as many games as we can go to. But you know nowadays with the prices being as high as they are sitting in the air conditioning at my house for a lot less you know, I'll make the tailgate but I'm going to drive over and watch the game at home. That's just how it'll be," said Eric Coker.

Supporting the team in different ways for those who can't go to many games.

Texas A&M also has another game in the top 25 category of most expensive games with the average price for LSU game tickets in Baton Rouge going for $407.58.

TiqIQ recommends fans wait on buying tickets on resale sites a little bit longer in case prices drop.