Texas A&M Nursing Students Participate in Special Training

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College Station, TX Working in the medical field can be rewarding, but there are also challenges providers face, especially when the healthcare worker has just entered the field.

Thursday morning some nursing students from the Texas A&M Health Science Center received some special training and the lesson was as real as they could experience.

The students experience what it feels like to be a patient in a hospital and some also had to react and respond to the scenario of a baby being abducted. During this staged event, Cherie Sajewski with Scott & White Hospital says, "Security was called and our staff manned the doors and did everything they were supposed to do and stopped the student on the first floor before she was able to leave and save the baby. Any simulation is invaluable for us because we are learning each other. We're new staff, we're a new facility so to have to students with us and help us do that is great for us and it also gives them a little bit of education on the patient side it. They're getting all the education on how to be a nurse but they need to understand for the patient's point of view to.

Though the staff was only practicing, the simulation was aimed at testing some of the procedures that will be in place once the new Scott & White Hospital opens in College Station on August 19.